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Report On The Road Safety Sensitization Programme Held On Thursday 17th June,2021 At The Nkurakan Lorry Station


The Transport Department of Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the Ghana Road Safety Commission and the Urban Roads Department organized a road safety sensitization programme at the Nkurakan Lorry Station, on Thursday 17th June 2021 as part of the national road safety and stay alive campaign.

Members of the Nkurakan GPRTU branch, Nkurakan Taxi Branch were present at the programme.


The exercise was held to equip drivers and other road users with basic knowledge on vehicle maintenance and how to acquire genuine parts, behaviors on the road towards other road users, obeying road signs and markings and finally maintaining a traffic free road.

The Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, Mr. Maxwell K. Mensah info participants on the reshaping of some roads, its current state and how best road users can use the roads.

Some key issues were raised by drivers and road users were addressed accordingly by authorities includes, traffic control measures, visible road signs, pedestrian crossing precautions and good driving practices.

However, the Nkurakan GPRTU chairman raised an issue about the poor quality of

roads in the municipality. According to him, the quality of roads has affected their

work, since their vehicles are being destroyed.


The event had resource personnel which included officials from the National Road

Safety Authority (NRSA), Mr. Leo Sam the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bensam

vehicle testing and road worthy center and Chief Inspector (C/INSPR). The Municipal

Transport Officer advised drivers to be vigilant on the road and not drive recklessly to put their lives and that of passengers at risk