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The Works Department

Facilitate the implementation of policies on works and report to the Assembly, and provide advice on matters relating to Works in the Assembly.
Facilitate the construction, repair and maintenance of:
Public roads including Feeder Roads.
Drains along any streets in the major settlements within its jurisdiction.
Encourage and facilitate maintenance of public buildings and facilities in the Assembly.
Assist to build, equip, close and maintain markets and prohibit the erection of stores in places other than the markets.
Assist to inspect projects undertaken by the District Assembly with the relevant departments of the Assembly.
Advise the Assembly on the prohibition of digging of burrow pits and other evacuations in the sinking of wells or their closers.
Assist to maintain public buildings made up of offices, residential accommodations and ancillary structures.
Advise and encourage owners of building structures to
Remove dilapidated structures in any public place.
Paint, distemper, white wash or colour wash the outside of any building forming part of the premises
Tidy up the premises and remove any derelict vehicles or objects which constitute nuisance
Provide technical advice for the machinery and structural layout of building plans to facilitate escape from fire, rescue operation and fire management