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The Yilo Krobo Municipal Health Administration (MHA) on Friday, the 18th of February 2022 had its Annual Performance Review Meeting which also provided update on the COVID-19 cases and vaccination exercises undertaken so far in the Municipality. The purpose for the Performance Review therefore was to evaluate the MHA’s operation as far as health delivery in the Municipality is concerned to assess successes and challenges of the year 2021 to inform its health delivery strategies in 2022.

Notwithstanding some challenges faced by the health delivery system as disclosed during the Performance Review Presentation such as land problems faced by some of the Sub-Municipal Health posts, post-delivery and monitory care and COVID-19 vaccination inter alia, the ‘Holistic Assessment Report of the Municipality’ presented by an external officer from the Upper Manya Krobo Municipal Health Administration (MHA) Team, Mr. Gabriel Lansah showed that the Yilo Krobo Municipal Health Administration had performed very well and encouraged to do more as it scored 3.9 out of a total score of 5.

On COVID-17, it was revealed during the presentations, that so far, the Municipality recorded 135 positive COVID-19 cases since it identified its first case on 11th June 2020 which involved a one (1) year old male child. Out of this figure, there had been no causalities recorded and all those tested positive were treated and discharged as of 18th February 2022. Out of these 135 positive cases however, 7 representing 5.2% were health workers and 12 representing 8.9% were students from one of the Second Circle Institutions in the Municipality.

The community breakdown of the 135 COVID-19 positive cases was given as follows:

Agogo – 32

Somanya East – 81

Somanya West 12, and

Nkurakan – 10

The Sex Distribution of the above positive cases (135) as of 18th February 2022 also stood at; male 61, and female 74.

Again, it was indicated, that as of Friday, the 18th of February 2022, only 11, 284 people of a targeted population of 63,680 for the vaccination exercise had been fully vaccinated with 16, 627 people taking single dose and with 41,454 of the targeted population yet to take a dose. The total vaccination coverage for the Yilo Krobo Municipality as at 18th February 2022 therefore stood at 34.9%.

The Yilo Krobo Municipal Health Administration is in possession of 11,000 vaccines (distributed to various health facilities in the Municipality) with the following breakdown:

Astrazeneca – 2,760

Pfizer – 6, 040, and

Jansen & Jansen – 2, 200

 Even though Jansen & Jansen is administered single dose unlike the two others as indicated supra that have to be administered ‘first and second dose’, because Jansen & Jansen has a longer expiring duration, health workers were advised to first exhaust the other two (Astrazeneca and Pfizer) before they administer the Jansen & Jansen. The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Eric Tetteh on his part admonished and appealed to the health workers to do their best in spite of the challenges in the Municipality to ensure that wherever they found themselves in the Municipality they give out their all to improve upon the health delivery system and added, that without healthy people, all efforts to enhance concrete development in the Municipality would come to nothing. Hon. Eric Tetteh therefore pledged his commitment to look at those challenges identified and within his remit especially relative to land to see how best to deal with them