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In compliance with section 6 (1) of the Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936 and article 246 (1) of the Ghana’s Constitution, 1992, District level elections were held across the country on Tuesday, the 9th of December 2023 under the supervision of the Electoral Commission and Yilo Krobo was no exception.
Both the Assembly and Unit Committee elections held in the forty four (44) electoral areas of the Yilo Krobo Municipal were incidence free but poorly patronized as the turnout of the election was 38.5%.
However, there was delay in the deployment of electoral materials to the various polling stations in the morning of the election and as a result, in Somanya,
the Municipal capital where the Information Services Department (ISD) monitored the elections, voting commenced around 11am at all the twelve (12) polling stations visited in the morning.
The ISD can therefore report, that though there was no rush or tension at the various polling stations visited, those who turned up early in the morning to cast their votes but had to wait for more than 4 hours to do so due to the delay were not happy about the Electoral Commission (EC) for the delay and could be heard making all kinds of comments especially about the EC’s proposed closure of polls at 3pm in the 2024 general elections and how any such delay could cause problem in the December 2024 elections should this repeats itself.