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Courtesy Call on the KONO by HON. ERIC TETTEH, MCE YKMA

On Thursday 14th October 2021, the MCE together with management of YKMA visited the KONO. In his speech, Hon. Tetteh petitioned the traditional leaders to support his tenure as he’s willing to work together with all traditional leaders. Also, he stated his intention to improve sanitation in the municipality since it helps in maintaining health and also increase the life spans of people. Therefore developing a sanitation program in Yilo is a requisite step and would help build better health for the entire municipality. He also mentioned that discipline on the path of all stakeholders of the land would enhance the development of Kroboland. Moreso, Hon. Tetteh appealed to the Traditional leaders to add their voice to petition the President in his quest to improve infrastructure in Yilo Krobo. Further, Hon. MCE addressed the importance of industrialisation and his vision to make Yilo Krobo an industrial hub to help create jobs for the citizens. He stated emphatically that he would eschew partisan politics and the development of Yilo Krobo is his priority. The Kono, In his Speech, acknowledge the MCE for visiting the traditional leaders of the land. He advised the MCE to prioritise the development of the land and shun individualism. Nene urged Hon. MCE to acknowledge the traditional leaders of the land and accord them the respect due. He encouraged him to work effectively with all stakeholders in the municipality. He stated that the people of Yilo have high expectations on the MCE, therefore he should strive hard to make his tenure a success. He encouraged Hon. Tetteh to be very firm and fair in his ways